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We provide the complete range of moving supplies including:

Small cartons (for books and other smallheavy items)
Medium cartons (for dishes and glass)
Large cartons (for clothing and linnens)
Upright wardrobe cartons (for hanging garments)
Flat wardrobe cartons (for garments being shipped by air)
Picture sleeves (for paintings and posters)
Document storage cartons
Tubes (for posters)
Packing paper
Moving blankets
Lidded, stackable plastic moving boxes (for rent)
Custom sized cartons made to order

We can arrange complete door-to-door moves, and local delivery and collection. We can also advise on what boxes and how many you need if you are planning to handle your move yourself. No matter where you are in Poland, we can deliver packing materials to your home to fit your every need.

Storage solutions: www.minimag.pl

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